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Current Issue
July-December 2020 (Vol. 20, No. 2)

Special Number on the role of Humanities in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic - Some of the Contributions


Covid -19 and the Limits of Humanism - P.P. Ajayakumar

Gendering the Pandemic - Meena T. Pillai

Lockdown Lyrics: A Peep into Tamil Muse and Musings - C.T. Indra

Polemics of Identity, Space and Displacement in the time of Covid Pandemic: A Study from a Northeast Migrant’s Perspective - Chongtham Rameshwori

Discursive Construction of Masks in Select Media Texts during COVID-19 - Saumya Sharma

The Role of Humanities in the Present Pandemic Time - Mini M. Abraham

COVID-19: The Pandemic, Lockdown and Migrant Workers - J. Bheemaiah

A Reading of the Cholera Epidemics from Nineteenth Century Colonial India - Semanti Basu

Literature as a Narrative Vaccine of Pandemics: Rereading Shakespeare - Sumithra Devi S.

“Thebes is Dying, Look”: Teaching Oedipus the King in the Year of the Plague - Swati Moitra

Performing Digital Domesticities: Emerging Trends in Malayali Women’s Gendered Representational Practices - Maalavika Ajayakumar

March for Hunger in the Indian Metropolis: Analyzing the Casteist Selection of Victims in the Bengal Famine and Covid-19 Pandemic through Bhabani Bhattacharya’s "He Who Rides a Tiger" - Noduli Pulu

Decentralizing Academic Oligarchy: A Survey on Teachers and COVID-19 - Sajaudeen Nijamodeen Chapparban & Dr. J. Bheemaiah

Stories of Matter are Stories that Matter: A Material Ecocritical Response to Environmental Crises - Deepali Bhushan Awasare

Gaze and the Diseased Body: Reading the Plague Pamphlets of Thomas Dekker – Khandakar Shahin Ahmed


I wish I were gigantic and other poems - Azam Abidov

The King’s Call and other poems - Claus Ankersen

Thanks, Uzbekistan! and other poems - Rahim Karim

Song of Despair in the Time of the Pandemic - Chris Song

Impression - Maria Filipova-Hadji Trans. Andrew White

Breathing exercises - Zvonko Taneski

New gen bike - Santhan

Vera Virus - Nishi Chawla

What the Corona Said - S. Sreenivasan Trans. S.K. Prathap

Beware … I am COVID-19 - J. Bheemaiah


Interview with Abhishek Majumdar