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Current Issue
Jan - June 2019 issue (Vol. 19, No. 1)


The Politics of Rereading: The Indian Context - K. Satchidanandan

Poetry: The Experience of Listening - Boutheina Boughnim Laarif

Retrieving the Human from the Divine: Cultural Memory, Everyday and the Contemporary Biographies of Vivekananda - Gaurav Kalra

Relocating Mahabharata as Myth and History In The Contemporary Indian Context - A. Balu Vijayaraghavan

The Enigma of Comrade Kirillov: Some Random Thoughts - Ragini Ramachandra

Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe and Rob Roy as Studies in New Historicism - Panchali Mukherjee

Theatrical Space: Interpreting the ‘Unconscious’ in Marathi Drama - Shalini Attri

Untouchables among Untouchables: Dakkali as Vanishing Dependent Caste within Dalit Community in Telangana State - J. Bheemaiah

The Subaltern Can Speak: On the Mirror of Indian Cinema - Pravat Ranjan Sethi

Politics of Coexistence; Israel’s Ethnic Division And Neha Soman & Multicultural Reality In Sayed Kashua’s Dancing Arabs - B. Padmanabhan


Saviour - Tilottama Majumder , Translated from Bengali by Shilpi Basak

Q & A - Haneefa Muhammad.


Melancholy of a Crow - Yendluri Sudhakar, Translated from Telugu by J. Bheemaiah

They Picked & Other Poems - Robert Denish Wood

The Lost Man & Why am I Abandoned? - Ujjwala Kakarla