Journal of Literature & Aesthetics

An international peer-reviewed journal devoted to critical and creative writing in English

Publication policy

The publication policy of JLA is determined by the aims of the journal. The primary aims of the journal are:

  • To promote the study of literature, critical theory and intellectual life.
  • To strive to refine individual sensibility and to heighten and expand consciousness through the study of literature and the arts.
  • To promote and enrich humane values and cultural standards.
  • To disseminate knowledge that is socially useful.

We select articles in keeping with these aims of the journal and on the basis of an objective and impartial assessment of the academic merit of the article, ensured by a careful peer-reviewing process. Well-researched articles with accurately presented original findings receive preference in the matter of publication. Plagiarism of any kind will lead to the rejection of the article submitted. Significant creative writings, esp. short stories and poems originally written in English or translated from the source language are considered for publication. All information about the submitted manuscript will be kept confidential until publication.

The publishers and editors will not be responsible for the opinions expressed in the articles or for any copyright infringement knowingly or unknowingly committed by the authors.