Journal of Literature & Aesthetics

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Recent Issues

Jan.-June 2017 issue (vol.17 no.1) is a Special Number on Arundhati Roy’s celebrated novel Ministry of Utmost Happiness. It carries twenty-one articles by distinguished academic scholars and researchers, exploring the novel’s vision, narrative strategies, its treatment of the concept of the nation state, the Kashmir issue, the transgender identity, the subaltern consciousness and the status of the novel as a critique of contemporary civilization. The contributors include Krishnan Unni. P, P.P. Ajayakumar, S. Sreenivasan, Josh Sreedharan, S.K. Prathap, P. Radhika, Manoj S., Kishore Ram, Sharon D’cunha, Shayeari Dutta, Sucheta Sankar V. and others.

July-Dec. 2017 issue (vol.17 no.2) carries articles on Jacques Lacan, Albert Camus, Salman Rushdie, Jeanette Winterson, Shauna Singh Baldwin, Ali Alizadeh and the Israeli film director Eran Riklis. The issue also carries short stories by Potturi Vijayalaxmi and Jatin Bala, poems by Reena Prasad, Praful Shiledar, Chandramohan S. and Munia Khan, interview with the Bengali dalit writer Jatin Bala, and books reviews.